How It Works

Smart phones have empowered us in getting where we need to go, faster and with the ability to avoid traffic jams and delays to our journey. As more and more drivers have begun to use their smart phones to navigate their journeys, the number of smart phone bracket products have grown exponentially.
Vast numbers of these brackets are accompanied with design defects – rendering smart phones difficult to view, with drivers having to lower or raise their head, whilst the bracket itself
impairs a clear view of the road ahead.
FOCUS features hardened organic glass to project navigation directions immediately in front of the windscreen. When placed in a central position on the dash, drivers can view the journey ahead, whilst simultaneously seeing the road ahead. Built for better driving and optimal visibility, FOCUS also features high quality glass to preventing scratching, marking, and wear and tear.

1. Alignment

FOCUS HUD should be positioned in-front of the driver on the dash, roughly in-line with the drivers eye-line. FOCUS HUD has been designed to fit any dash curved or straight, using the adjustable brackets provided.
FOCUS HUD can be temporarily removed from the fixing bracket when not in use.
Be sure to position FOCUS, and set your smart phone navigation before starting your car.
driver in car seat image

2. Assembly

Attach the parts illustrated onto the main body by pressing down, as shown
(These parts should be installed to the main body)

3. Preparation

Clean the surface onto which FOCUS HUD is to be placed.
Wait for the surface to dry
how to attach focus hud
how to join the hud

4. Placement

Place the base into the adhesive and apply pressure to ensure that the base is properly secured. Multiple adhesives are included in case of transfer or re-positioning.

5. Usage

Your set. On use; Place your phone on the anti-slip mat and adjust the glass display as appropriate for your eye line and HUD reflection. For best results glass display should be at approximately 45 degrees.
mobile phone placed oon focus hud device


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Focus has been designed to work with any smartphone capable of downloading a HUD friendly app

Focus will work with smart phones that are in cases, or have screen protectors installed

The FOCUS bracket comes with multiple 3M adhesive stickers, capable of securing the FOCUS device to your dashboard

The adhesives are single use only, however multiple adhesive stickers are provided with each FOCUS device

Shipping worldwide is FREE

FOCUS has been designed, engineered and tested to work well in daylight as well as at night

Since release FOCUS has been in high demand.

FOCUS HUD is available to buy online as well as in leading retailers.

Please note that due to high demand you may need to pre-order online, as FOCUS HUD is released in batches and these often sell out quickly. Should you pre-order you are guaranteed delivery from the next batch.

Download the Focus HUD App Now!

Focus HUD App is Available Now to download form the App Store. Focus HUD is helping you to improve driving focus and safety by transforming your smart-phone into a head-up display for any car.