FOCUS has the answer for drivers as tougher penalties arrive

FOCUS has the answer for drivers as tougher penalties arrive

hud attach to dashboard

Drivers who rely on smartphones to get from A to B will now have to re-think their navigation. Recent changes in the law mean that tougher penalties will now be given to drivers who use smartphones and internet-enabled devices while behind the wheel in the UK. But the innovative heads up display navigation system, FOCUS, is just the perfect solution for drivers.

The unique system transforms a standard smartphone into a transparent heads up display in order to minimise distractions and interferences. Innovative reflection technology provides a crystal clear visual image for drivers, projecting a clear view of the road immediately ahead, as well as a pixel perfect view of the route that lies around the next corner. Revealing accurate navigation information for unparalleled safety, the handy piece of tech improves focus when drivers need it the most.

Rishi Sehgal, CEO of FOCUS, said,

“The new rules are great news for road safety, but bad news for drivers who rely on their smartphone sat-navs. We can offer a hi-tech solution for these kinds of drivers. Our product will enable them to keep using their sat-nav in a compliant manner.”

Compatible with any smartphone and heads up display enabled app, drivers merely launch any HUD-based app to start using the simple piece of tech. The system then attaches to dashboards and illuminates the route on to semi-transparent glass to project the smartphone’s display. Providing a no-nonsense solution to these new laws and regulations, FOCUS is perfect for maximising visibility in severe weather conditions, at night, or indeed just day-to-day.

Overhauling the way drivers use their mobile phones for navigation, this invaluable piece of tech looks set to become one of the most sought-after for drivers amidst the law changes.

It has been illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving, or while the engine is on, since December 2003. But these new, tougher rules mean that drivers caught using mobile phones behind the wheel face penalties of a £600 fine and six penalty points – doubling from the £1000 fine and three penalty points that were in force previously. And what’s more, drivers who have held their license for less than two years will get an on-the-spot ban if they use their device just the once.

The law states that although drives can still use their mobile phones as a sat NAV, this can only be done if it is programmed before the car is started. The