Car navigation safer and easier

Car navigation safer and easier


Focus HUD Technology firm set to make car navigation safer and easier

Smart-phones have made it easier for drivers to navigate to new destinations with directions at their fingertips wherever they are but it does present safety risks. Technology firm FOCUS aims to make the roads safer with a new device that helps drivers keep their eyes on the road at all times.

When using smart-phones to navigate, users typically have to glance down to look at the screen but the innovative reflective technology used in FOCUS means that instructions are projected onto the windscreen. The head up display takes inspiration from fighter aircraft displays that allow pilots to look forward rather than being distracted. Through its innovative design FOCUS aims to make roads around the world safer.


“ Technology has made it easier for drivers to navigate the roads and now, with FOCUS, technology can make driving even safer. Constantly glancing down to see where they are going can mean drivers miss hazards, from a car pulling out to the driver in front of them breaking unexpectedly, and this can cause serious accidents. With the navigation information clearly projected onto the windscreen drivers can keep their eyes on the road and focused at all times. ”

The research that FOCUS has conducted ensures that the image projected is crystal clear through achieving the perfect reflection and transparency ratio for the bespoke class. The result is a combination of a clear view of the road as well as navigation information, resulting in greater safety. The device attaches seamlessly to the dashboard of any car.

The Focus display is compatible with any smart-phone and head up display enabled app. Coupled with one of the many Apps available in stores the device can also clearly give speed camera alerts and act as a speedometer.

In order to begin manufacturing the product and bring it to mass market FOCUS is running a crowdfunding campaign. To support the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo visit