Driving Focus and Safety

Keep your eyes on the road, with our Innovative Reflection Technology.

Download: Focus HUD App

FOCUS HUD device comes with seamless integration App.

Smart Phone Compatible

Compatible with all smart-phones and HUD enabled applications.

The Future of Mobile Satellite Navigation

Named one of 2017 Most Innovative Apps in Car Electronics

FOCUS is leading the way within the satellite navigation industry – re-defining safety standards and delivering routes that are projected directly into the drivers line of sight.

Keep your eyes on the road and the route ahead through Head-Up-Display technology – technology that takes inspiration from fighter aircraft displays that allow pilots to look forward, rather than being distracted by looking downward.

Driving Safety

FOCUS HUD has been specifically designed to deliver rich driving information, without distraction.

Attach the HUD

Attach FOCUS HUD to the dashboard in
the drivers line of sight.

Launch Map

Launch the HUD App to plan your route and
safely navigate your way

Place Smart Phone

Place the smart phone on the secured
Heads-Up Display (HUD) device

Focus on the road and route ahead - clearly, safely, smartly.

Transform your smartphone into a transparent route display – overcoming distraction, improving focus and always being aware of the next turn to be taken.

Forget about the potential of eyes taken off the road – missed turnings or unspotted hazards are now a thing of the past. This forward thinking product guides you along your way through a beautifully intuitive interface.

Simply and seamlessly attached to the dashboard this ground breaking Head-Up-Display product illuminates the route before you through a semi-transparent glass that projects your smartphone’s display.

Users need only download and launch any HUD-based app to use – for prefect visibility in any weather conditions, whether during day or driving by night.

Best HUD I bought

This is the best HUD I bought, doesn’t feel cheap material and it turned up fast, will highly recommend to any one

Julia M

Great value for money

David Honan

looks very promising

I like focus HUD device as it has it’s own APP too it looks very promising

Max L

Download the Focus Application

Download the FOCUS HUD Application transforming your smart phone into a Heads-Up Display when coupled with the Focus HUD Device . Focus-HUD App Available to download now form the Apple App Store.